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The Galactic Cosmology of the Maya

A review of John Major Jenkin's book:
Maya Cosmogenesis 2012
By: Willard Van De Bogart

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Coming "New World Age"

"...what is here being proposed is that we explore at greater length the possibilities inherent in the analogy between the human brain and the spiral galaxy, thus transforming the galactic disc into the cosmic lens by endowing it with the generative capacity that the brain of man possesses. This, if valid, would mean that both galaxy and brain can serve as time-spanning (intelligent) guidance systems for their respective sensoria."
Excerpt from "Messages to and from the Galaxy"
By the late Dr. Oliver L. Reiser
Philosophy Dept., University of Pittsburgh

What Dr. Reiser is here alluding to has been developed into a Galactic Cosmology over 2200 years ago by the Izapan civilization of Meso- America.

To comprehend our origins has taken on new meaning with the research John Major Jenkins has given us. We of the West tend to be analytical in our approach to reality. The Western mind is cunning in its ability to dissect and tear apart the components of every facet of exploration. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 is a synthesis treatise on the Cosmovision of the Maya. Jenkins draws us into the most minute details of the Mayan glyphs which clearly show a culture that had the most profound relationship with Galactic Center

John states:

"Our inner growth should now be able to expand beyond the superiority complex of our own civilization, now that we know that the ancient Maya had attained a level of cosmic understanding that modern science has not grasped. That the event occurs at all I think is part of the grand design of cosmic evolution. I imagine the Galactic Center as the Root chakra, muladhara. Earthlings, out here on a distant spiral arm, are perhaps at the fifth level, the level of mentation. I.E., the distinctive property of our particular plane of existence on the great evolutionary journey to full consciousness is to master fifth level chakra energies.. Beyond, us, in the direction of the Galactic AntiCenter, towards the Pleiades and Orion, lies the great open-ended expanse of space beyond our own Galaxy. On these more distant streams of AntiCenter, towards the Pleiades and Orion, lies the great open-ended expanse of space beyond our own Galaxy. On these more distant streams of the Galactic River, perhaps exist beings more evolved than us, in the process of mastering 6th level and 7th level chakra energies.
I believe that the Galactic alignment stimulates consciousness evolution on this planet, whether or not beings alive during the alignment era are aware of it happening. I also feel that it occurs every 26,000 years, whether or not beings alive during the alignment era are aware of it happening. I also feel that it occurs every 26,000 years, but that this time around is the first time that humans are consciously aware of it. We may, in fact, be emerging into a galactic level of awareness this time around."

This is the book we have all been waiting for. A scholarly understanding of the Galactic Cosmology of the Maya. This is a fully researched book on the significance of the alignment with the Galactic Center. Cosmogenesis is the philosophy of the "beginning of the world" as seen in the 2,000 year old Galactic Cosmology of the Maya.

John Major Jenkins is a leading voice in elucidating the mysteries of ancient Mesoamerican cosmology. As an independent researcher, he has authored five books, several booklets, and over a dozen articles on the Maya. His research is directed toward the cutting edge of what is known about Mesoamerican cosmology and calendrics, in an effort to understand more deeply the world view of the Maya.

Since 1986 he has journeyed to Mexico and Central America five times, thoroughly exploring the ancient sacred sites and the contemporary indigenous cultures. During an international relief project in 1990 he spent six weeks helping build a school in the Tzutujil Maya village of San Pedro, on Lake Aritlan in Guatemala. In 1994 he delivered relief supplies to a beleaguered Quiche Maya community in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, and established a relationship with a Quiche Maya Daykeeper. Throughout this period he researched the inner workings of the Mayan calendar science, writing his first book, "Journey to the Mayan Underworld", in 1989. He founded Four Ahau Press that year, to publish and distribute his research. His book, Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies which reconstructed the Mayan Venus Calendar and established that the "True Count" of the ancient Tzolkin calendar is still being followed by Mayan daykeepers today, was published with Borderlands Science Research Foundation in 1994.

I believe that human civilization is passing through an era of great transformation. Ten years ago I began seeking answers to big questions, questions involving human spirituality, human history, and the lost wisdom of ancient civilizations. My search brought me to the Maya. Mayan cosmology contains within it the explanation for our current global transformation, and possibilities for how we can survive it. My work has been to reconstruct the lost Galactic Cosmology of the Maya, to identify Izapa as an initiation center, and to stimulate the renaissance of Indigenous Cultures in the New World.

"Maya Cosmogenesis 2012" is based upon my realization, in 1993, that the end-date of the Long Count Calendar in 2012 pinpoints a rare alignment in a vast cycle of time called the precession of the equinoxes. Wanting to establish evidence for this, and to ascertain how and where the ancient skywatchers discovered and mapped this cycle, I devoted myself to an in depth study of Mesoamerican astronomy, cosmology, culture, and ethnography. I sought the answers to key questions, and pieced together- primarily from academic literature - my progressive interpretation of Mesoamerican history and cosmology. The exciting thing to consider is that this knowledge reemerges at a time when we really need it, for the 2012 end-date looms before us.

John Major Jenkins

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 is all about the re-constructing of the lost paradigm of galactic cosmology with the alignment of the solstice meridian. Jenkins can be recognized as the first independent researcher to show that the Maya were interested in the conjunction of the sun and the galactic center; the true basis for the Maya galactic cosmology which leads us all to the "Fifth World Age".

The basis for this re-construction is a meticulous search behind the basis of the Mayan belief system which led Jenkins to deciphering the Hero Twin Myth in the Popol Vuh, the Ball Court Symbology, and the Long Count system used to predict the precessional of the galactic center. All of this took the Mayan priests many thousands of years to perfect, and a 1000 man hours by Jenkins to understand the galactic cosmology by synthesizing the research of many scholars, such as the late Linda Shele and her seminal work "Forest of the Kings", as well as Hamlet's Mill by (de santillana and von Dechend).

The most significant contribution with the Maya cosmology is the unveiling of the Grand Portal of all time, the one and only portal, the Gnostic opening to galactic center developed by the Izapan culture of Mexico from 400BC-100AD. It was at the Izapan Ceremonial Center that the birth of the Hero Twin Myth in the Popul Vuh and the long count were perfected and developed. After an exhausting analysis and a grand synthesis Jenkins takes the reader step by step through the 5 day Izapan Ceremony.

This was the ceremony the initiates took to enter the true God Centered Paradigm of galactic center. This was the true birth of the Mayan cosmovision, and the fall of the polar and zenith centered cosmologies.

Perhaps the most difficult concept to fathom is the precessional cycle of 26,000 years determined by the axis of the Earth inscribing a great circular arc in the heavens know as the 26,000 year precession. The final analysis of the Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 shows how the rising sun on December 21st, 2012 will align itself directly with the center of the galaxy. This wobbling of Earth's axis changes our orientation to galactic center and this opens the way for the beginning of a new world age, a re-birth into an entirely new participation in the greater whole. This 2012 solar galactic alignment offers all of humanity the opportunity to assimilate the complete understanding of returning to galactic center. It will augur the complete understanding of the ascent and decent of our higher minds and spiritual understanding.

This momentous end cycle moment will create a never before experienced spiritual and metaphysical phenomenon, a bridge to galactic center. This moment in our history will create a new re-birth as a result of the churning of the Milky Way ocean.

Jenkins has inserted into his book clear representations of glyphs, pictographs, and full diagrams of all the ancient monuments to support this grand mytho-archeoastronomical understanding. For the first time the reader can follow the genesis of how mythology is directly related to astronomical observations, and how the famous Hero Twin myth was written. What does it mean when we are shown a human figure emerging out of the mouth of an alligator? The mouth is the dark rift, and out of it is born One Hunahpu "first father", the beginning of a New World Age. Jenkins states:

"Despite the dearth of recognition, I have grown to understand that the Galactic Alignment is the underlying reason for the unprecedented transformation currently sweeping the globe, and therefore the Maya win the best prize for prophesy".

What Maya Cosmogenesis does is to allow us to recover our past. Now for the first time we can speak to the future using the stars, astroglyphs and myth. We can address the meaning of a spiritual civilization, and begin to know why we are here on Earth and what our purpose is. We can know our true meaning in the galaxy. No longer is the need to be severed from myth in our daily lives. We too can travel to the center of the galaxy.

This is the time of true initiation. The alignment is an actual physical process going on in our home galaxy. This event changes our orientation to our home galaxy, and places us on the plane of the galaxy so we can ask the question; "where are we going"? This event is the greatest enhancement of the time constant of the human gestation of spiritual embryogenesis. Our reference will be to much larger time cycles, and will affect all humans who will assimilate the concept of as above so below.

We are about to enter the navel of Vishnu. This is "Earth Under Fire" as written by Paul LaViolet. This is the grand Yuga doctrine when the sun is closest to Visnu Nabhi. This is a book with a rich sense of our spiritual evolution that only John Jenkins can state so eloquently. John states:

"The "energy" field emanates from the Galactic Center and includes the entire electromagnetic/photon field in which our planet exists. There are dimensions of subtlety within this field -the telluric or astral realms- extending beyond the physical forces of science to include spiritual planes of being. If we imagine this field as being similar to the lines of force surrounding a magnet, we can understand that our changing orientation to this field has immediate consequences, and little to do with cause-and-effect transmission of energy between us and the Galactic center. We are, instead in a relationship of resonance with our source, one that connects us deeply within to each other. and, in fact, to all other beings in this galaxy. Based upon these considerations, I would like to emphasize that the Galactic equator-the precise edge of our spiraling galaxy-is the Zero Point location of the turn about moment in the cycle of precession. This World Age shift occurs when the solstice sun crosses over the galactic equator, and thus the Galactic Alignment in 2012 is about a field-effect energy reversal."

Going back through the book, Jenkins guides and explains in detail all the stories of the ancient Maya. Each pictograph is explained so the untrained eye can begin to see how the Maya thought about the universe they lived in. The tree of life grows in front of your eyes as each turning of the milky way galaxy reveals our destiny and our future. If you are at all interested in the Mayan civilization then this is the book to read. It will change your personal point of view, and our collective point of view will be changed as we approach 2012.

What others are saying about John's research:

"The extensive research by John Major Jenkins into the Mayan astronomy and mysteries is very impressive indeed, and his book will no doubt become a classic in this field of study. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 is a must read for all those who feel that there is far more to our ancient past than meets the eye." - Robert G. Bauval, co-author of The Orion Mystery.

"In Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, John Major Jenkins, answers the question: why did the Maya choose Winter Solstice, 2012, as the end-date to their thirteen-baktun "Great Cycle" long count? In the process of reading the account to this fascinating solution to the reason for the famed Maya end time date, Jenkins takes the reader through a well-researched psychoarcheological and astronomical excursion of the Mayan mind field of time. Enjoy the ride." - Dr. Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor, and, coordinator of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

"John Major Jenkin's Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 presents a fascinating, meticulously researched, exquisitely reasoned, scholarly yet readable account of the development on ancient Mesoamerican astro-spirituality, and offers an inspiring poetic vision of the human future." - Douglas Gillette, author of The Shaman's Secret: The Lost Resurrection Teachings of the Ancient Maya.

"With this scholarly effort of comparative calendric research and investigation into Mayan Cosmology, we may all ascend to new levels of insight concerning the wealth of coded messages which remains the Mayan legacy to modern mankind in this age of transformation. John Major Jenkins identifies the rare solar/galactic alignment that marks this world age shift and pinpoints the geographical and cosmological origins of the Maya's creative imagery. Now you can free yourself from the spell of popular contrived and intuited "Mayan" calendar systems and embrace the surviving Tzolkin "True Count" calendar of the Guatemalan Highlanders. May the New Kin shine brightly on your path, and may John Major Jenkins lead the way." - Jim Reed, editor of the Mayan Message Newsletter, board member of The Institute of Maya Studies, Miami, Florida.

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