Gabrielle Young

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Lord, the air smells good today -
straight from the mysteries
in the inner courts of God.

Cosmic Literacy

By Gabrielle Young

© for Publication in the Cosmic Light
Quarterly magazine ,
Summer 2000
Published by the University of Science and Philosophy, Virginia,

Within the live body of each and every sentient being,
there abides the possibility for originary awareness
to light up in its purity.

Dr. Herbert Guenther, From Reductionism to Creativity, p. 228

The Gifting Circuit - The Gift of Originary Awareness

Now is the time the particle you are
returns where it came from,
the family darling comes home;
wine, without being poured in cups
is handed all around.
A red glint appears in a granite outcrop
and the whole cliff turns to ruby.

Tracing the Roots of Language - Opening to Higher Light Harmonics

Sacred harmonics in ancient rooting of language draw forth a cosmic, mystical plumb-line within us, true substance of being, precious elixir of love - compassionate wisdom: Who lets a bucket down and brings up a flowing prophet? - Rumi Full circuit creational rolls of the Gifting circuit. Come, come, whoever you are, return to the root of the root of the root of yourself. - Rumi Ancient rooting of language leads us back to Origins, providing us with what Martin Heidegger called "a pointing to", a "showing', a lighting-up. In What is Called Thinking?, Martin Heidegger illuminates the common rooting of the words thencan and thancan. Thinking/thanking are one. Tracing the roots of language reveals a higher order and wisdom and opens us to a cosmic literacy - the Gloryruns, cosmic song-lines through which pristine awareness flows, calling us back to our Original Constellations of Resonance. Language is a cosmic evolutionary tool, a guiding spiritual principle for divine seed programs such as humanity's, a vehicle of navigation to and through a cosmic sea of Light, what the mystics call the Sea of Splendor.

The consciousness of ancient cultures, such as Egyptian, was rooted in a higher cosmology. Language was sacred, imbued with mystery and a higher power, reflecting their visionary experience of the union of world and cosmos. The Word was multidimensional and 'performative'; it enacted, brought into being, full dynamics of creation. Hieroglyphic symbols were resonant light generators. Around the term represented by a sign [ideograph, hieroglyph], there formed a halo of visual connotations and secondary senses, a sort of choir of associative meaning. (Umberto Eco, The Search for the Perfect Language, from the chapter 'the Perfect Language of Images' The spoken Word, attuned to cosmic bio-rhythms and fertility cycles, moved within the cosmic pyramid voice resonance grid of Osiris. Humanity is a cosmic glyph:

And God said to Clarity - Walk. Rumi

The power of Sacred Language is the power of a higher light harmonics, the power of 'the First Utterance', Authentic Being. It is a direct, visionary gifting, the sap of fresh Intelligence from the Garden of Origins casting revelatory Light on everything, illumining, revealing essential nature everywhere. Pure creational rolls straight from Source and back again:

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You gave me the world,
I caught it, gave it back;
Whose hands are these, burning?

I am spun in the Name of God - goldspun.
We are coded and preset for Glory. The sacred harmonics of the Divine Name (Ha-Shem) in all root languages such as Tibetan, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Egyptian, Arabic and Aramaic are coded energy formulae for a self-regenerating, resurrecting Light and wisdom focus. Tasting (sounding, singing, dancing, intoning) these Names opens the Treasurehouse of Light, the infinite inner realms of luminosity and color. The Names as a super-inductive linkage with higher evolution purify, sanctify and restructure our bodytemple/bodycosmos, unlocking the seals that have kept our consciousness in sleep, preparing us vibrationally to carry and sustain a higher Light charge.

Awake, dear one, awake,
be kind to your sleeping heart;
take it out into the vast fields of Light
and let it breathe.

Intimate sounds, not words. Rumi The architectonics of Light, sound, color and vibration are the sculpting tools of creation. These subtle transmissions are evolutionary modalities constituting, updating and revealing the architecture of Being, supporting deeper and deeper alignment with higher evolution, deepening intimacy with All That Is.

The Longing Circuit - Role of the Beloved, the Presence and Power of the Living Word * The Gift of Embodiment * Transparency

Did we not say we will expand your chest? Rumi

Humanity is an evolutionary organ of Light. The Longing circuit is an evolutionary imperative encoded within the deepest core of our being for the successful unfolding of our divine seed program. It initiates and sustains this unfoldment of being, our journey with the Beloved, through spiritualized impulses of love, presence of Presence, opening the neural hologram of the Heart, the HUman Divine Overself of Love. Our holonomic nervous system is illumined; it runs on Light, illumining Presence. The human body is a vehicle of illumination.

I need a mouth as wide as the sky
to say the nature of a true human being -
language as large as longing.

Gnostic incision, Being, ās ecstatic intensity (Dr. Herbert Guenther), breaks us open, parts the red sea of limited consciousness, revealing the central passage of liberation into the open Sea of Splendor, the bridging or crossing of the corpus collasum. This alchemical process of illumination opens and refines us, revealing the infinite dimensions of the pure heart and illumined mind. The One, as Kabir says, Who makes my eyes so bright, has made Love with me. The Friend, the Beloved, the Guest, the Cupbearer, is a Light surgeon of exquisite precision. Direct encounter with the Light of this Presence, the Living Word, pierces and ravishes the human heart, sculpting and refining it as a pure vessel or grailcup. This is the art and science of gnostic incision and inundation, the empyting and flooding in of superluminal Light, experienced as divine Rapture.

Love lit a fire in my chest
and anything that wasn't Love left.
You'll not have escaped from yourself
until your light is a thousand times you.
I could not know what He meant
before He exploded me

No one knows what becomes of me
when you take me so suddenly,
Shams, my body is a candle touched with fire!

Light will someday split you wide open
into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy,
even if your mind is now a spoiled mule.

May I stand amazed in the Presence of God;
may I stand in the midst of celestial fire
until my heart is molten gold.
May I walk everywhere on earth
radiant, complete.
Egyptian, Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis

The prophets, saints, masters, illumined hosts, are One - a living, evolving constellation of Glory. Listen and speak aloud the beautiful Sufi invocation, "Toward the One" by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Toward the One
the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty;
the only Being
united with all the illuminated souls
who form the embodiment of the Master,
the Spirit of Guidance

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When Rumi was a child in the thirteenth century, sages predicted to his father that he would one day set the hearts of the world on fire. Rumi is now 'the best-selling poet' in the United States. When devotees bemoaned his historical 'leaving', dying, he assured them he would continue to be constantly present and requested that they celebrate this aspect of the 'turning' as his Wedding Day. This is 'turning' on all levels. Rumi is the originator of the whirling dance in the Sufi practice of sema and the founder of that Mevlevi Order. As a spiritual master who encountered directly, through the presence of his master, Shams, the entire alchemical awakening process that humanity is currently engaged in, Rumi is present, here, now, in a way none of us are here yet. (Andrew Harvey, The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi)

The rigor, tenderness, sublime majesty, beauty, compassion and mercy of the Beloved is a universal spiritual, evolutionary imperative - intimate flame firing the cosmos. This is the Journey with the Beloved. It is an inner journey utterly precise in its divine articulation of Grace. Rumi and the prophets are reliable witnesses. They have lived through the necessary, amazing process of being opened and refined as living vessels of Light to embody the Beloved. In the process they have opened for humanity, the gates and thresholds of Light, the Sha'are' Orah, the Light corridors of Divine Mind. The spontaneous, ecstatic overflowing of tens of thousands of 'poems' that spilled as gems fom Rumi's lips constitute a Light transmission of profound power, addressing every aspect of authentic spiritual opening into higher consciousness, the Heart of Being. Even in translation into English, the encoded vibrational integrity of a higher Light harmonic holds and is released through the poem as the Beloved's initiatory blessing. This baraka blessing, complete interpenetration of higher Light, activates the higher Light encodements, innate wisdom and comprehensive circuitry within us. There's an Original inside you! - Rumi The poetry of Rumi is a mystical force field. Enter into it with awareness and sincere longing and it will strike and reveal the deepest core of being. Speak it aloud and listen as Wisdom's Voice speaks through you, as you. Its Light will turn you inside out.

Focus of the Light

The first three lines of the Lord's Prayer, translated from the Aramaic, by Neil Douglas-Klotz in Prayers of the Cosmos, are a living testimony and creative formula of cosmic birthing and our role as divine agents in a cosmic passion play. The first line in Aramaic, Abwoon dābwashmaya, returns us, through praise, to origins, our birth in unity: O Thou! O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos, the Breathing Life of all, Creator of the shimmering sound that touches us. In the second line, Nethqadash shmakh, we ask that this Light be focused within us - made useful. In the third line, Teytey malkuthakh, we accept, and align with, the cosmic ćI canä guiding principle of the universe.

Who are the Prophets?
They are a royal people
who penetrate Mystery
and see with Spirit's eyes;
In illuminating darkness, they speak out.

They are a living, penetrating clarity;
they are a blossom that blooms
only on the shoot that is rooted
in the flood of Light.
Hildegard of Bingen

Prophets demonstrate a capacity to harness the living power of higher light, to consolidate it, integrate it, carry and sustain the charge in balance, embody it. They did this through loving the Beloved, focusing their entire being on Love's Glory:

The light of Joseph's face, when he would walk by a house
would filter through the lattice and leave a radiance on the wall;
people would notice and say, "Joseph must be taking a walk."
It's good to have a window that faces in that direction.
Open it and stay in the opening.
That way, you can have more delight in Joseph.
The work of love is to open the window
in the center of the chest and to gaze
incessantly on the Face of the Beloved.
You can do this; you already have
the precious mixture to make you well.
Use it.

No wonder I can't see you.
You are my face. You are
the intricate workings in my mind.

The Aramaic word, nabiya, translated as 'prophets', derives from a root indicating divine inspiration or speaking by inspiration, also, an ecstasy or rapture. Be a companion of the prophets; you can't imagine what profit will come! - Rumi Get into the consciousness of the prophets. Abraham wore fire for an anklet; Solomon rode the wind. - Rumi Pure awareness registers; it creates a sustaining foundation. The bodies of holy men and women have the ability to endure the unconditional light that can tear mountain ranges to pieces. - Rumi The consciousness speaking through RumiĶs poems is the light of transmission, which sources and sustains all wisdom traditions, all creation.

This is the natural unfolding that occurs in direct encounter with the Beloved, the mystery of union and unconcealment, a distillation and rising within of essential light. It is an organic, pure process that initiates an accelerated self-regulatory dynamics of complete structural reorganization on all levels simultaneously, from micro to macro. It includes the opening of our spiritual anatomy, bodytemple/bodycosmos, with its extended nested body vehicles, astrophysical circuitry, multidimensional faculties and divinized senses. Our real purpose in incarnating is opening the neural hologram of the heart, rotating the atomic moment, and turning, as Hafiz says, ļthat beautiful rascal inside out'. The true human being emerges and the possibility of 'living a blazing inconceivability' (Lex Hixon, Living Buddha Zen), is realized.

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God's laughter is Light breaking ground for a great structure - our real body called truth. Hafiz

The language of Light allows us to experience ourselves as luminous beings.

I come forth by day again,
my body turns to greening;
I am light entering unto fire
coming forth and shining through darkness;
there is no season
does not hold the shape
of its Beloved,
no time in which the earth,
does not sing;
the heavens speak,
the flame bursts on your cheek;
all things are possible.
Go, then,
blue-lidded daughter of dawn;
go, and make of this world
something beautiful.
Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris

Divinized Senses Awakening

Sufis speak simply of the journey into transparency: bend, tend, disappear. Rumi Allah called the Prophet Muhammad His Ear. Mystics, poets, saints and sages through the ages are aware of this primordial attunement through pure resonance of being. An aspect of this vigilance is abiding in pure Presence. In Silence. Cosmic literacy - pure revelatory gifting - comes from and returns to Silence.

One Silence, with these love cries for children.

Fill me with the wine of your Silence,
Let it soak my every pore;
for the inner splendour it reveals
is a blessing.

In the holy fire of love, the soul turns incandescent. Absorbed in Being, we become transparent to the Light, clear cellular vehicles of streaming Light in the one body of Truth, transparent lenses, 'fully operative vessels, living buddhas, waking, speaking, eating, dancing, laughing'. (Lex Hixon, Living Buddha Zen) Embodiment. In- formation. There is only One of us here. Another listening rises within; another voice speaks. Don't move. A sublime Generosity is coming toward you. Rumi This is the fresh Intelligence from the Garden of Origins - Matrix of Radiance, Rapture and Revelation.

You sever my head
and mind grows radiant;
push me underwater,
heart learns to speak.

Your eyes bloomed in mine,
I saw your snow light soaking every garden;
Your ears bloomed in mine,
I heard your river running over every stone.

Close your ears and listen. DonĶt speak, so the Speakers can.
Not a word, so sunlight can say what has never been said or put in a book.
Don't try to put it into words and Spirit will do that through you,
in spite of you, beside you, among you.
Stop swimming so hard and climb in the boat with Noah!

True listening, mystically attuned with the central heart of Being, is pure resonance of Being. This is listening with our whole being, thoughts focusing together with feelings and words. Listening is a dynamic feeling - tone presence, pulsing through a cosmic vibratory infrastructure - our spiritual, ultragenetic coding cosmic web-site, on line with direct current potential of pristine awareness expressed through totality of being. Rooted in the truth of who we are, humanity's bodytemple/bodycosmos blossoms. As One seamless garment or vehicle of Light, we gather the ripe soul fruit of aeons, the luminosity of the Whole. Our comprehensive main vertical axis is a cosmic antenna of the Overself continuum, composed of multiple resonance stacks of nested geometry vehicles. This center channel antenna is a cosmic probe, opening up depths and heights of spaciousness, new neural pathways and color/sound indexes in divine mind, new creation topologies, making available greater magnitudes of Light. Our cranial is a cosmic flower satellite dish, touching with subtle awareness, multidimensional symmetry points of resonance in the full continuum.

Seed sowing, growing - harvest, One Presence.
There's a great, lively Gathering going on!
Any direction you turn, it's One Vision.

This is the House of Love
where the framing is poetry,
the kitchen talk, pure praise.
Any one who enters becomes wise.

Thinking's thinking reverberates in one's "natural mind".
(Dr. Herbert Guenther, The Full-Fledged Khung-chen Bird, p. 9)

The truth so simple, the mind explodes
to meet Itself
running back in all things.

Dimensions of Pure Intention Being breathed, breathing through the dimensions.

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Those witnessing the Great Swan, Paramahamsa, Sri Ramakrishna, in ecstatic states recognized Ītimeless Silence blossomingā. The language of Transparency, the clear, sweet nectar and luminous symbols, is the language of creative zero-point dynamics. Full integrity of the Light. Light transmission. Instantaneous sending, receiving, sending back without distortion. A continuous, self-organizing dynamics is inherent in the flow of pure, creative consciousness that is the simultaneous, synchronized movement of the whole.

Light speaks and moves through us, moving us. We become the vehicle for constant revelatory streaming of Light, color, sound, movement, visualizations of limitless Divine thought-forms. ĪHeartdrops of Dharmakayaā. Light speaks - unfolds - through us, new creation.

In the Ocean of the Heart,
Love opens its mouth
and gulps down
both worlds at once.

Hear from the heart, wordless mysteries,
understand what cannot be understood;
in manās stone dark heart
there burns a fire,
that burns all veils
to their root and foundation.
When the veils are burned away,
the heart will understand completely;
Ancient Love will unfold
everfresh forms
in the heart of the Spirit,
in the core of the heart.

Liberated into dynamics of freedom, the dancer of new creation splendor, freed from duality, emerges from the clear bead in the center, the grounding still-point in the velocity of now, focalized point of pure consciousness. Child of adoration and wonder, singing the zero-point evolutionary dynamics of pure bliss, transmitting new degrees of splendor, creating vectors of pure renewal, fields of Glory. Identity becomes One vast motion. - Rumi

Truth rides visibly through the world. Have you not seen it?
Light shimmers in every blade of grass, gods dance in every leaf,
blue and gold fire leaps from my pores.
Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris

Cosmic Literacy is pure Grace.

Let the cords of your robe be untied. Shiver in this new love -
beyond all above and below.

Foregifted. Foreordained. Light pulsing at atomās core. Cosmic dancer. The archetypal dance of creation is ours. Beingās ecstatic intensity, rigpa (Tibetan), Shem (Aramaic) seeds and ignites the immaculate concept, ground of the soul, dais of pure being in the heart of transparency.

To die in life is to become life,
The wind stops skirting you and enters;
Suddenly, all the roses are blooming in your skull.

Each morning is like the first,
when bright gods and godesses rose and walked -
Light passing among the houses
Into the flowering orchards.
Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris

Lineage energies are everywhere, restructuring, giving birth to courage to be Beingās facticity (translation by Dr. Herbert Guenther). The Light of Being has no boundaries, is not located in space. Stay deep in the root of your Self. We are being synergistically moved to another level of the Great Mystery, collectively updated and refined, in-formed.

The Gift of Listening

Inner Temple Sonics
Listening Voice of Silence
Pure Process Language
The Listening Seer

The Wholeās listening to, communicating with and understanding Itself
Dr. Herbert Guenther, The Complexity of the Initial Condition, p.55.

A Bow Rises and Shoots. This is how it is with the Beloved. Destiny unfolds through the human heart. This Journey begins with a Longing Call ö a deep, persistent calling in the core of our being for Origin, truth, re-union with Source, restoration in Wholeness. This Longing presents itself as an evolutionary calling card for the inner web-site:


"Your passage, your ticket to Light, may need my stamp.
Only Light will cook the food you need."
- Hafiz

Hafiz was called the tongue of the Invisible.
The longing circuit is the conducting medium for cosmic literacy. Longing compels us to turn within to the still small voice and opens the door of true listening. It begins as a listening awareness of what seems to be another Presence which continues to announce itself, deepen and intensify. This Listening or primordial attunement arises from Silence and returns to Silence while being everpresent. As primary resonance of pure being resounding through the light fields and corridors of Divine Mind, Listening responds, touching multiple points of consciousness through inter-dimensional fields. This Ītouchingā registers, is felt palpably, as a Īlighting upā and includes the lighting-up of latent potential seedbanks within our multidimensional framework of consciousness. It is a very subtle yet utterly direct and spontaneous movement of pristine awareness, as simple and natural as a hummingbird entering an open flower and tasting nectar. That subtle. That full. Heart finds its Voice and responds. The true e-motion of Self traverses infinity, allowing compassionate unfolding of whole new evolutionary orders. In the science and arts of divine subtlety, a little calibration goes a long way. Our divinized senses become exquisitely refined (attuned). In early Buddhist writings, dialogue among teacher and students begins with a teacher posing a question. After having entered into a deep listening in the inner planes, the teacher (here, Padmasambhava) responds:

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Once when (dus-gcig-na), having understood (rtogs-nas) the voice (resounding
throughout the whole that is) Being (Īdi-skad) to be the Being-that-I-am (rang-
Dr. Herbert Guenther, The Complexity of the Initial Condition

Awareness hears/perceives/feels itself moving in rapture through spectrums of color, vast reaches of space, while being, simultaneously, discerning of thresholds in octaves of Silence. The luminosity of the living Light is alive with Beingās ecstatic intensity. In its vibrancy, the Light gifts/bestows/lights up Intelligence/Thoughtful(l) Awareness in the experiencer. The power of authentic utterance is Beingās lighting-up Intelligence.

Blockquote>Green fire is the sign of the new body,
Our Love engenders in a bed of dawn;
Green fire licks all pride from the skull,
Soaks each trembling cell with heaven.

Speak of Loveās Glory?
How do you dare?
I gave my mouth to God
To do with what was wanted;
For years, it was buried
At the bottom of the sea;
Today it is birthed,
Brimmed with living pearls.

The soulās seeing is visionary awareness. The soul vehicle experiences pulsating Light graphics and pictographs. Cascading resonance from Source. Simultaneous presencing and lighting up. Luminous images, geometries, divine letters, etchings, symbols, archetypal figures, numbers are highlighted. Infinite spectrums of color present themselves as fields, spreads, fans and patterns. Many vibrate and move through space. This movement can be felt directly; experienced within Majesty as a vast, sublime spaciousness. Angles, overviews and perspective are very precisely pointed out. Nothing is random. Some images expand and contract; others are still. The same images may be gifted again, possibly in a different size, color or view, forming a pattern of understanding in our consciousness regarding the dynamics of creation and steering or navigating us in our awareness. This structural mapping of consciousness reveals the simultaneous vastness and precision of Beingās order as it is sequenced through different levels. This mapping is a barometer for reading our collective progression and our unique spiritual mandala sets, highlighting spiritual stations, lineages, time frames and dimensions, color indexes along the continuum in which we participate and which are wanting to be remembered, expressed here in creative service. These are gifted fully in accord with what we are ready to integrate. Through this gifting, we are moved into deeper fields of luminosity and color. Inherent in this rich orchestration is the bio-coupling of color and sound. Everything we perceive visually has auditory correlates on the inner planes which we may or may not hear.

This is the pure play of Wonderful Mind. (Lex Hixon, Living Buddha Zen)

I am the Word before its utterance.
I am a child in the throat of God.
What I know was given me to say.
There are words that exist only in the
Mind of heaven, a bright knowing,
A clear moment of being.
When you know it, you know yourself well enough.
You will not speak
At the end of day, I am a child,
My basket full of fish, tired and happy,
On the streets going home.
I am light headed for light.
Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris

I came to see myself as I truly am
The locus of unbounded creativity. Padmasambhava

Dr. Herbert Guenther, Matrix of Mystery, p. 172

Transcripts from the Future

Implications of Research on the Inner Planes

Permaculture Sonics, Our Divine Core-respond Dance

In the Garden, New Dais of Being

All things are too small
To hold me, I am so vast;

In the Infinite,
I reach for the Uncreated.
I have touched It;
It undoes me -
Wider than wide.
Hadewich II

Radical intimacy of naked awareness and beauty is truth, the truth of who we are rooted in the flood of light. In Transparency, the Gifting circuit offers comprehensive cruise control, pure creational rolls. The spiritual prophetic science of cosmic literacy allows us to be coherent, to move through and integrate/embody levels of awareness, anointing with compassionate wisdom, creating a new foundation, a new ground of being. There is all around us this country of original fire. (Mary Oliver) Holy fallout. (Hafiz) In transparency, Light sees Itself everywhere. Sonic landscapes and different harmonic circuits to other dimensions become easily available, offering clear, holistic biofeedback, fresh intelligence, of evolving fields and anatomy, of living matrix systems - cellular, planetary, galactic, universal. Our own cosmic sleuthing and archaeological digging in the heart of awareness unveils natureās colorsonic transmission stream. The holon lights up; Beingās wholeness lights up in humanityās consciousness as the true human being. Like a spade in the earth, I enter the work of Light. (Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris) Like the annual inundation of the Nile, this science of Rapture, of the Glory, Kibriya, spills over ö cosmic ardor irrigating the fields, feeding the people. Call me this delicious substance you taste when you create new beauty. Hafiz Adoration gifts a pure taste.

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In your light I know how to love.
In your beauty, how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest,
where no-one sees you,
but, sometimes, I do,
and that sight becomes this art.

Seeing the nature of oneās mind is ecstatic. In one moment, we give up the external world for inner Majesty. The Beloved we want is always awake, always meets us when we arrange to meet. Rumi Evenings with Rumi or Hafiz are resonant light baptisms, symphonies of consciousness. The vibrations work on you from within, opening and sculpting you into a grail cup. What happens to the guests who keep visiting the verse of a Perfect One? Their voices and cells become refined? Hafiz Testimonies include: When I first heard Rumi, I felt Being move inside·. The poetry was words I had heard before, a flowing, a glowing, something so intricate yet simple, a natural instinct, balance. I could feel this very high energy, like a chemical, in my heart. I felt I was skydiving through myself. This Īfallingā was a good feeling and filled me with energy for days afterwards. That energy, that gift, is more powerful than any army. I have always known; I have just never known where, inside to look. Bypassing intellect, perfect congruence of feeling/word/deed:

I saw You and became empty.
Now, at last, I know
that I know nothing.
Ignorance on such a scale
dazzles and frees the soul;
child-wonder becomes our daily bread
broken for us each passing moment.

The voice of the river emptied into the Ocean laughs and sings just like God. The only life raft here is love ö and the Name. Say it, brother, O say the divine Name, dear sister ·Donāt die again with that holy ruby mine inside still unclaimed. Hafiz Poets jump overboard, diving through the center of the center of the center, body anointed with Rose.

Cosmic Literacy is the Light Raga of Love
The challenge and gift for humanity is to remember, re-cognize directly the
nature of who we are as light beings, the nature of intensity as BeingĶs ecstatic
lighting-up energy, the nature of soul as compassionate awareness, the nature of
truth as laughter.

Grind yourself, strip yourself down
to blind loving silence;
stay there, until you see
you are gazing at the Light
with its own ageless eyes.

< Only in the clarity of this living context can we speak with authenticity, with wisdomās eye, bearing witness, as self-realized beings, to a new body, a new language, a new light environment, a new creation. Embodiment takes on a new form of consciousness, embodiment of Presence. In Song of the Vajra, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche refers to the state beyond meditation as total symbol. Pure vision, distinct from karmic vision, is unconditioned seeing in a state of self-lineration. A country with no roads or religions could possibly be drunk with the whole thing. Rumi The power and Presence of the living Word is the true form of being , living love-in-action, the purposefulness of Godās purpose. The purpose of emotion is to let a streaming beauty flow through you. The soulās extravagance is endless. Spring after spring after spring we are your gardens, dying, blossoming. Rumi

Do you know magic? Can you utter the name of your soul and turn yourself
back to light? I am a phoenix, a soul sparking, a tongue of fire.
This skin I wear is imagination.
I take the shapes of light. I am a presence, the joy of matter.
My thoughts flicker, glow a moment, catch fire. I come forth by day, singing.
Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris

This sky, where we live
Is no place to lose your wings;
So, love, love

The whole world just got stoned again on God.

The bird of freedom is flying toward You
On the wings of astounded desire.

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