Steven M. Greer

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Who is Dr. Greer?

Steven Greer is the founder and international director of CSETI, the only worldwide organization dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with extraterrestrial life forms. He is a medical doctor specializing in trauma medicine. He is the former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina. He is a lifetime member of Alpha Omega Alpha, USA's most prestigious academic honor society for physicians. He is the father of four girls. He has studied and worked in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean and Israel. He served for three years at the World Center of the Baha'i Faith in Haifa, Israel. Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Greer worked extensively as an instructor of meditation and was president of the International Meditation Society in the Bahamas. He has appeared on numerous national and international news programs. He has worked extensively with senior government, military and civilian leaders around the world in spearheading and coordinating a definitive announcement concerning the detection of extraterrestrial life forms.

The universe is teeming with intelligent life. In fact, the universe itself is intelligent and alive. The multiplicity of life in the universe, while diverse, is essentially a singularity; beyond division, it exists in the unitive state, a marvelous, conscious Oneness. All that there is exists in its true nature as pure, undifferentiated, eternal Mind. And yet from the awareness of that which is relative, we find inner and outer, mind and body, good and evil, oneness and separation. Truth is often born from the contemplation of these paradoxes; both perspectives are true, but are dependent on the level of awareness of the observer.

As we ponder the universe and a new cosmology which accounts for the existence of advanced non-human life forms, the lesson of the paradox will visit us over and over again. But if we look intently with the eye of oneness, perhaps the cosmos will offer up a few of its mysteries.

Cosmological Confusion. This term best describes what happens when 20th century humans are confronted with the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life forms. For not only are these beings not human, they possess technologies which are inherently mystifying to us. It is unlikely that a people capable of interstellar travel will be using microwave signals for communication, or fossil or nuclear fuels for propulsion. Since a hologram or laser would appear magical to a human 200 years ago, a large measure of scientific and cosmological humility and patience will be needed for us to begin to understand these civilizations, their technology, and most importantly, the lessons on the nature of reality we may learn from them. Moreover, the co-existence of a non-linear, non-local and transcendental universe with the so-called 'physical universe' must not only be factored into our understanding of cosmology in general, but of the manifestations of advanced extraterrestrial people in particular.

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Biological life forms, us and extraterrestrials, possess both mind and body, we each manifest a reality which is both physical and spiritual, linear and non-local, fixed in time and space yet simultaneously transcendent. And what happens when science and technology find the point of communication between the hard physical and the unitive state of mind? It would be truly confounding to both the modern physicist and the modern philosopher or theologian. For such a quantum leap in the understanding of the universe would bring into close relation the separately held realms of science and spirituality, mind and matter, body and spirit.

When you factor into this perplexing situation the existence of non-physical intelligent beings who, while not possessing a physical body, are nevertheless intelligent, sentient, and to a certain extent capable of interacting with biological humans and biological extraterrestrials. The tendency in the popular culture is to dismiss such beings as figments of one's imagination, to belong to a primitive belief system, or to lump all such beings, whether human, extraterrestrial or purely non-biological, into a veritable smorgasbord of undifferentiated 'entities'.

It is obvious that the risk of profound cosmological confusion rises exponentially as the multiplicity of intelligent life forms is contemplated. A new cosmology is needed if we are to understand the universe around us.

In the civilian UFO community, there is much confusion over the nature of the objects and life forms which are moving about in our time/space reality. On the one hand, we find indisputable physical manifestations, such as crashed spacecraft, radar returns, verified photos and videotapes, metal samples, and 'flesh and blood' biological extraterrestrial life forms. Yet on the other hand we find multiple accounts of non-linear manifestations of these same objects and beings: telepathic communication, lucid dreams, mind-matter interactions, remote viewing, bilocation, levitation and others. No objective student of the extraterrestrial phenomenon can ignore these numerous and widespread manifestations. Yet our acceptance of these manifestations really requires that we re-think our entire understanding of 'reality'.

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Some of the advanced technologies and capabilities of extraterrestrial civilizations, especially those interfacing with mind and thought, can appear in ways very similar to so- called 'astral' or spirit beings. In fact, the manifestations can be so similar as to lead many to say that the originating beings are one and the same. Not true. Not all that glitters is gold, and similarity of manifestation does not equate to sameness of origin.

Add to all of this the fact that certain adept humans can manifest abilities which are extremely similar to both extraterrestrial and 'astral' beings.

Finally, let us add one more factor into all of this. Covert military and paramilitary human groups which have developed both the technologies and innate mental abilities approximating those of both the extraterrestrial civilizations and the non-biological spirit beings.

The universe is a big, complex place. But it need not be overly difficult to understand. Its comprehension is aided by first utilizing a few simple principles and concepts. This task recalls the ancient Sufi saying, "knowledge is a single point, but the foolish have multiplied it"!


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So how does intelligent life in the universe actually manifest? While keeping the above concepts in mind, let's review this diversity of life and how we our inner and outer senses may perceive them.



(This listing describes how biological intelligent life forms may present or be perceived by both inner and outer senses)

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Non-Local Mental Abilities (Non-Traditional) - These involve recognition and utilization of the non-local aspects of both mind and matter:


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Note that all of the above abilities are innately possible in both human and extraterrestrial life forms. It is also important to remember that each of these abilities can be achieved through material technological augmentation of innate mental abilities, or totally achieved by technological advances alone.


Adding to the complexity of the universe is the existence of realms, dimensions, and aspects of the cosmos which are entirely non-linear and non-material, as we currently define it, actually more vast and complex than the physical material universe. No cosmology can be complete without an attempt to initially assess its basic characteristics and manifestations. Because this aspect of the cosmos can interact with the physical one for both humans and extraterrestrials who live in biological bodies, it is important for us to consider it and account for how it may resemble and differ from the diverse manifestations of biological life forms as discussed above.


Astral or Light Beings

Causal or Thought Beings (existing primarily as 'thought bodies')

Note that non-biological beings, of all the above types, can appear to biological life forms in the waking state, in dreams, in meditative states, etc. Depending on the culture, degree of evolution, and degree of acceptance of non-material beings, these entities may be known by this partial list as:

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Essentially everything listed under Biological Life Forms, and perhaps others such as materializations and poltergeist activity, pertain to Non-Biological Life Forms, except that they interface less frequently with the world of matter since they exist in non-material realms. When analyzing the multitude of possible experiences humans can have, it is important to have a cosmological understanding broad enough to comprehend the diversity of the cosmos. Otherwise, we will be unable to distinguish an anomalous manifestation of extraterrestrial technology and an unusual astral or causal cosmos manifestation.


The preceding is simply an overview to bring us to our main focus here - the extraterrestrial presence. A universe filled with both biological and non-biological intelligent species presents a special challenge to anyone attempting to understand the extraterrestrial peoples currently visiting earth due to the areas of phenomenological overlap between quite different types of beings. Would a hologram projection of a person not be interpreted by a 17th century human as a ghost? What of the simple flashlight? Absolute magic!

For this reason, among others, a cosmological crisis dominates the ET/UFO question. This has been helped along by deliberate disinformation and psychological warfare programs of certain covert groups (more on this later). The result has been a mixing of apples, oranges and stardust - calling them all one thing. We are reminded of the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy", where a small plane drops a Coke bottle over a remote, primitive area in Africa where it becomes an object of great mystery, conflict, supernatural meaning and power to the indigenous people who find it. While the movie is a comedy, it contains an important, relevant message: Are we now behaving like the finders of the Coke bottle?

For example, may observers of the ET/UFO phenomenon conclude that the extraterrestrial spacecraft are actually not at all physical or material because they can at times simply 'disappear'. Magical? Interdimensional? Or extraterrestrial technology simply allows the craft to go from hover to beyond the speed of light in one instantaneous quantum acceleration? The neural pathways of the human eye are incapable of tracking an acceleration of this magnitude, and so the object seems to simply vanish.

Three main factors contribute to this cosmological confusion. First, the innate nature of advanced extraterrestrial technology is so far advanced that it appears 'supernatural' rather than just super technology. For this reason (and good old fashioned scientific arrogance), even rigorous scientists are inclined to dismiss certain aspects of the extraterrestrial phenomenon out of hand, or regard it as not real, supernatural or superstitious.

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Consider the development of consciousness-assisted technology (CAT). For example, rather than using keystrokes to enter data on a computer, one might simply think the command. The computer has been preprogrammed to recognize and accept your thought signature. A number of witnesses have seen extraterrestrials doing just that on board a spacecraft. Impossible? Magic? Nonsense? Be careful! A very human scientist at UNLV named Dean Radin is working on a so-called 'psychic switch' which is precisely what is described above. How far along this path might advanced extraterrestrials be?

The flip side is technology-assisted consciousness (TAC). Here, specialized machines assist the function of mind, thought or consciousness. A basic example is the Monroe Institute's Hemisynch tones, designed to assist the development of deep states of relaxation, expansion and, eventually, heightened powers and abilities. A more advanced application, though bizarre to modern scientists, is the ET's ability to use certain technologies to communicate with each other and with humans telepathically. There are literally hundreds of cases from diverse and credible people worldwide describing this.

In the case of extraterrestrial civilizations, the ability to communicate at speeds exceeding that of light becomes an essential technology. To quote the Moody Blues, "thinking is the best way to travel". Why? Because it is instantaneous. So it really should come as no surprise that starfaring peoples would have developed thought communication rather than using radio waves. There are many cases of witnesses seeing a spacecraft who think something like, "oh, I wish that thing would come back this way so I can get a better look!" Suddenly, the craft changes direction and comes right over to the person. The high accuracy of such two-way exchanges would indicate that these craft and their occupants have technology which indeed interfaces with their thoughts and those of other life forms.

TAC may also be utilized by the extraterrestrials in teleportation, telekinesis, remote viewing and even higher states of consciousness. Once the nexus between mind and matter, and mind and space/time is clearly understood, the potential applications are almost limitless, and boggle the imagination.

The reason the question of advanced extraterrestrial technology is important to this discussion of cosmological confusion must be obvious by now. Very advanced technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations may appear similar or identical to other so-called paranormal phenomena. To discern one from the other requires insight, knowledge, patience and, above all, experience.

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For example, people with 'classic extraterrestrial abduction experiences' who undergo hypnotic regression may subconsciously fill in details, especially to please a hypnotist with strong bias towards retrieving alleged memories of extraterrestrial abductions. So - is it real or is it Memorex? Great care must be taken when dealing with the human mind, or we will confuse those aspects of the new cosmology which have clear areas of overlap, such as non-biological intelligent life forms, humans and extraterrestrials.

A UFOlogist may jump to the false conclusion that the person who experiences a spirit or astral being almost as a hologram in the waking, dream or meditative state, has been visited by an extraterrestrial. But wait. A more holistic cosmology as outlined above would allow us to consider that it may have been a spirit guide, angel, another living human who project his/her astral body into the bedroom, a deceased relative, a hypnogogic hallucination, OR a technological or mental projection of an extraterrestrial into the room.

The point is this: If you don't know about or accept the diversity of possibilities, you are very likely to misinterpret the phenomenon. Similarly, many people experience a myriad of unusual phenomena (PLEURAL) but they will be considered as only one phenomenon (SINGULAR). The result is the mixing of apples, oranges and stardust. Adopting and understanding a truly holistic cosmology will greatly assist us in avoiding this confusion. But even then, because there are areas of profound overlap where one phenomenon will mimic another, tremendous care and repeated mature experience is required before clear discernment is possible. Otherwise, how will we differentiate between a spirit being an advanced mind/matter interaction effected by extraterrestrial technology? Or, for that matter, from human technology and experiences?

And this brings us to the third contributing factor to cosmological confusion: Human covert programs designed to confuse, mislead and deceive society on the extraterrestrial question.

It must be remembered that covert human attempts to back-engineer extraterrestrial technology have been going on for over 45 years, and more than a little headway has been made. Additionally, certain covert cells within military and intelligence agencies have been working on electronic and psychic techniques which are highly invasive, very specific and operationally effective. These technologies are much farther along than most could imagine. The real capability exists to deliberately mimic an extraterrestrial technology and events for the purpose of disinformation.

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We have been briefed by trusted members of the military regarding "non-lethal defense" and related fields. They have confirmed to us that psychoelectronic technologies exist, off-the-shelf, which can target an individual or group and remotely make them have a personal conversation with their personal God. And they would so believe it was real, they would pass a lie detector test.


This is a wake-up call. The simple approach of taking all anomalous experiences on face value is not only unscientific, it is immensely dangerous. Technologies do exist which can induce personal and collective experiences which appear ET/UFO related, but which are really quite human. Like past plutonium experiments on humans and germ warfare tests on civilians, these 'experiments' are real, black budget activities which have been developed and perfected over the last 30-40 years. Electronic and implant technologies, all human, exist which can induce a very convincing 'abduction' event. The clustering of abduction experiences around military installations, and the presence of unmarked, black, electronic-filled helicopters near so-called abductees' homes is no coincidence.

The public has been misled, and the civilian UFO research community have been quite victimized by these special projects designed to deceive, mislead and, above all, disinform the public on the extraterrestrial subject. The "Body Snatchers" fix on the extraterrestrial presence is driven by a complex plan to convince the public that there is " alien threat which we must all unite against and fight..."

Do not be deceived. The future of life on earth, and our emerging relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations may depend on our eyes being open.

The relevance of covert human activities to cosmological confusion must not be underestimated. Human awareness on the subject of extraterrestrials ha been manipulated, played like a harp, by those who would hide the real gold under a mountain of fool's gold. Events which look, feel and sound like extraterrestrial ones may in fact be a part of a deception of very human origins. And if we do not at least consider the role of covert disinformation programs in our list of cosmological options, then we will be doomed to misidentify and misinterpret many of these events.

The human factor which adds to cosmological confusion is not limited by covert activities. There is the usual array of misperceptions, hallucinations, delusions, wannabees, false memory syndromes, hoaxes, scientific arrogance and general human egotism. All of these contribute to a collective cosmological indigestion which is in dire need of a cure. And acknowledging the problem is the first step to healing.

Extraterrestrial civilizations. Humans. Non-biological life forms. The cosmos is a complex, diverse and fascinating place. Or Non-Place? Ultimately, education and, above all, experience, will guide us on this journey. For if we are to set sail over this vast ocean, we are in need of a rudder, a compass and a few journeys along the near shoreline first.

We must join together to gather our knowledge and experience, and with courage and resolve set sail first along the shoreline, then farther from shore and then into the vast and limitless ocean of inner and outer space. For we are not at the end of time, or of history, but rather we stand on the threshold of unbounded possibilities, a time when all that we may dream together will come to pass.

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