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One Year Closer: 1996

The last time I sat down to write for you, it was mid-October and I had done just a little promotion for my book, FROM ELSEWHERE: BEING ET IN AMERICA. But today, just 60 days later, I have been interviewed on over 50 radio stations around the country and given nearly a dozen lectures and book signings. In December a film crew from the TV show Sightings came to San Francisco for an interview, and I was also in L.A. taping a pilot for Psychic Chronicles (UPN network) with several others who consider themselves extraterrestrials on Earth. Many more media contacts are still brewing, and today I even learned of a rock group named Supernova signed by Atlantic records, who also consider themselves ETs! My appearances on the TV shows will air in May. As you can see, some doors are now opening...

I remember a comment made by one of the more sympathetic radio hosts (not all of them were so kind, I might add). She wondered if six years from now the idea of ET souls on Earth might not be as common as UFO contacts and sightings are today. She asked me if in the near future this might become an accepted fact, that beings from elsewhere take birth in human form and have been doing so for quite a long time. Before the end of the millennium, will society come to realize the spiritual intentions of our galactic family, the reality of their continuous presence among us? While I can not make predictions, I do think we are fast approaching a new era.

Of course, what is scorned today is often well accepted tomorrow, and humanity does have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. I have often been asked: what kind of drugs I am on. Nevertheless, I really think within a few years the scornful skeptics will find themselves in a minority, having to play catch-up and come to terms with official announcements forcing them to deal with cosmic community. Regarding public acceptance of Walk-ins and Wanderers, much of it really depends on how fully these ET souls shake off their centuries of denial.

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In putting together a group of participants for my Psychic Chronicles TV pilot, a colleague in L.A. told me something quite interesting. He said he had asked several high-profile folks - people in the military, mental health and education professions: if they would like to air their views, but they all refused for fear of damage to their reputations. My friend and I fully understood their reluctance: people would say they are crazy! Without a doubt, they did risk losing their jobs. Although we can joke about the need for ET civil rights, this is actually a serious matter.

Wider acceptance of the reality of ET Walk-ins and Wanderers depends entirely on how many people resonate with this material, and how comfortable we are sharing identity. I do not know if this issue will capture public opinion, but I do know we are in a special time of shattering old beliefs, and 1996 brings us ever closer to revelation and global transformation.

Why are they Laughing?

After about the 20th radio interview in which I was attacked, ridiculed, and considered something of a freak, a puzzling question arose in my mind. I was truly confounded:

Why are they laughing?

I certainly never expected a red carpet treatment, and was fully prepared for skeptics questioning the basis of my conclusions. But I really did not expect to be taken as the butt of adolescent humor ("Do they have prozac on your planet"), direct attack ("Do you also consider yourself a moron"), or beer-belly indifference (Come on Jack, let's get back to the music!"). For many interviewers, my own sense of origins was the central fascination, and they couldnít stop calling me an ìalienî. Perhaps but 1 in 10 ever questioned me at length about the experience of "being ET in America". In the face of such ignorance and mishandling, I have far deeper appreciation for the root of Wanderers alienation.

With all of this experience, the question still remained: Why are they laughing? Of course I am familiar with psychological interpretations which consider mockery and scorn as fear-driven defenses against concepts which people deem threatening. But somehow this did not go deep enough, and my questioning had not come to rest. It struck me that humanity has always rejected and even tried to obliterate those presenting ideas contrary to prevailing dogmas. Did not they burn the early astronomers who said Earth orbits the Sun? Einstein once said something to the effect that "great minds have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds". Is it a given that mediocre minds control the media?

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Most people would be content with such psychological and sociological answers, since they make sense and do explain a lot. But somehow I had to carry my question further, having an inkling there was something a bit more going on here. I also knew that this was a kind of practice: using a question to penetrate ever deeper levels of meaning. Subtle significance often shrouds itself in what seems to be merely obvious. Itís important for all of us to understand human nature.

So what can we make of a planetary race that crucifies a man who, to all intents and purposes, gave his entire life counseling love, brotherhood, and justice? What do we make of a civilization that arms itself to the teeth and then laments global warfare and strife? What do we make of a society eager to spend billions of dollars on fantasy sci-fi entertainment and then heaves blame on those who say they have made contact with cosmic life? Without a doubt we could say those people are quite confused; and humanity not yet learned the meaning of true self-reflection.

Is it any surprise benevolent ETs do not make public landings to announce themselves and offer unqualified support? Is it any surprise the New Age community is riddled with ego-driven, unqualified leaders and gullible disempowered followers? Is it any surprise so few people truly understand the function of discernment? Without a clear vision of whatís real, we cannot develop genuine values and the direction of our lives. When people then become addicted to fantasy and escape, the task of uncovering ëthe realí draws even farther away.

So why are they laughing? Perhaps the whole idea of non-human life terrifies most people, since what most people know is only what theyíve been taught in school and church, by science and the media. If these were my only teachers, Iíd be laughing at Walk-ins and Wanderers too. It seems a sorry state indeed to have those without cosmic vision as sole authorities for truth. But sorry or not, most people sincerely look to institutions for leadership. While they do offer some things of value, their vision of the universal life is blurry to the point of blind. In matters of spirit and eternity, we have to look elsewhere for guidance.

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In my attempt to share transcendental concepts I also encountered the corrosive influence of certain Judeo-Christian dogmas, which control many people subconsciously. Firstly, the Divine is placed far outside the little shell of sinful man, and He can only be met by being a good member of the congregation. This is like saying that eternal salvation comes only by following the rules laid down by your local social club, the select group holding keys to heaven and hell. Contact with Higher Self is seriously impaired by such ideas.

And what if you doubt the sanctity of such dogmas? Well, the usual prescription is that you need more Bible study. The antidote for doubt is deemed more indoctrination. How often is given the counsel: turn within and find the truth? There is no glimmering here that Self is your greatest teacher; no sense that liberation is inner work needing no mediator. Indeed, there is no idea of Higher Self at all ó and therein lies the great neglect of Judeo-Christian theology.

Some would say that fundamentalists are few, and that most people are atheists or non-dogmatic. This may be so, but all of us are conditioned at subconsciously by traditional religious ideas. Even those who claim to follow ;objective authorities; (i.e. modern science), usually believe that death is ;the big drop-off; with physical reality the whole ball of wax. With such a worldview, I too would laugh at those silly people who say they are ETs! Indeed, our leaders have not confirmed it.

The need for proof is fine, but why are they laughing, instead of sincerely asking questions? I think the final answer is that most people are not really seeking truth and couldnít care less about a wider vision of the universe. Which is precisely the difference that separates ordinary folk from those who say they are extraterrestrials. Just I am basically a seeker, so too are those we have met who care about self-development. Yet most people are content to live their lives in the status quo, finding pleasure where they can, and do not feel the spark of aspiration that directs them to learn and find meaning. This aspiration is a yearning for spiritual growth, and it winnows out those who know that Life is the Path from those simply ;doing the rounds; without clear direction. People who do not realize that human experience has cosmic purpose are those most likely to laugh at such unconventional ideas. Forgive them Father..

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Today, I have become accustomed to radio hosts who mock, argue, and laugh. I always knew that trying to debate was useless; now I know many people consider these ideas on par with the comedy club. So be it. We all awaken to lifes mysteries: some quickly, most slowly. It has always been that only those with eyes to see know where they are going. Although modern media confuses fact-finding with entertainment, I do think this is changing. It is getting more difficult for people to scoff at the paranormal, and curiosity is ever growing. Yet despite social scorn, the real point is you: if you truly seek to know, then your clarity of enlightenment depends on your efforts.


In my writings I use special terms to describe two groups of ET Souls: Walk-ins and Wanderers (also called Star People). What distinguishes them is not their beliefs, but rather how they took birth on Earth. Here are two brief descriptions:

This term describes a process of inter-dimensional, inter-planetary soul exchange, as well as the individuals who experience it. Here, a soul from a more developed ET or Angelic civilization (or an evolved Earth soul) enters the voluntarily surrendered body and personality of a human being, to better serve humanity and Earth. Note that some Walk-ins donít consider themselves ET souls. Wanderer
This poetic term describes inter-dimensional, inter-planetary soul transfer in which a being from an older ET civilization incarnates at birth, voluntarily surrendering his memory of identity/purpose, to better serve humanity and Earth. I believe this process has occurred over millennia, with over 100 million Wanderers now on Earth, mostly all asleep.

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