The Arrival of the Others

A review by:
Willard Van De Bogart

There is one small request I have before I make any comments about this book: go buy this book immediately. You may ask yourself why. I believe it will educate you to the possibility that who we call God may actually be a visitor from another planet. You may wonder if I actually believe that. Well, I do, and I came to that realization by accepting the scholarship of Zecharia Sitchin.

What kind of scholarship would allow Sitchin to deduce that God came from another planet? Does he offer a good argument to convince others? The journey one takes with Sitchin is a very long one in terms of time spent reading the material. To first complete the Earth Chronicle series and then read Divine Encounters will require several months of steady reading.

When the reader finally arrives at Divine Encounters, there are many names that will sound familiar. Enki and Enlil will have top billing along with Innana. In Divine Encounters, Sitchin refreshes our memories of the Gods from olden days, and brings us up to around the year 400 B.C. Ancient history has never been so exciting as when narrated by Sitchin. The Old Testament takes on a whole different feel, as well as all the books in the Bible. Reading Sitchin, we gain a new sense of reality about the mysterious personages of times past, and we begin to understand what it was like when ancient kings had ecstatic dreams and visions of angelic emissaries from distant worlds.

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We in the late 20th century, who have only within the last 50 years attained refinement in our use of technology, may find it hard to believe how cultures could last for 2000 years or more. The time line Sitchin reveals to the reader is 4,000 B.C. to 400 B.C., with stories about 6,000 years old. It is a privelege to experience how Sitchin reveals all the family lines during this era. Especially fascinating is the manner in which Kings and Priests received their divine instructions and visions. These visions appeared to come from other worldly origins. There have been few if any authors who have carefully taken excerpts from the books of the Old Testament. Fewer still have taken Sitchin's care to bring to our understanding what it is these ancient people attempted to express.

On page 204, Sitchin mentions what Ezekiel had experienced:

"And it came to pass in the thirtieth year,
in the fourth month, on the fifth day therof,

as I was among the captives by the river Chebar,
that the heavens were open
and I saw divine visions.

Sitchin states, "Thus begins the bibical Book of Ezekiel. Its forty-eight chapters are replete with visions and Divine Encounter. The opening vision, that of a Divine Chariot, is one of the most remarkable records of a UFO witnessed in antiquity."

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As a child I heard many voices and communicated with the stars, and was completely convinced of their divine origins. When I read that Peter Marshall, Chaplin US Senate 1946-48, was beaconed by the Lord through voices, I sensed that I too was being communicated with by entities of other worldly origins.

We modern humans have told these tales, created science fiction movies, and constructed countless scenarios depicting the unknown. Sitchin, however, creates a history far beyond anything we have seen or read in our modern history books. Words that come to mind to describe Sitchin's writings are spectacular and fantastic.

If the reader of this review can stand the suspense of waiting until the last chapter in Sitchin's book then good luck. I did wait, because the material you will read prepares you for the most outstanding chapter of all: The ENDPAPER: God, The Extraterrestrial.

Sitchin comes right out of the gate with this chaper, and asks the leading question, "So, who was Yahweh?' What a great question. "Was He one of them?" Was He an extraterrestrial?" Sitchin writes the greatest mystery play ever as he tries to discover who Yahweh was. Sitchin is like Sherlock Holmes, and analyzes Enki and Enlil as possible candidates for the role of Yahweh. Sitchin leaves no stone unturned on this hunt for the truth. He writes, "This aspect of the similarities between Enki and Yahweh becomes more emphatic--and in one respect perhaps even embarassingly so for the monotheistic Bible--when we reach a passage in the Book of Proverbs in which the unsurpassed greatness of Yahweh is brought out by rhetorical questions:"

"Who hath ascended up to heaven,
and descended too?
Who hath cupped the wind in his hands,
and bound the waters as in a cloak?
Who hath established the Apsei-eretz-
What is his name,
and what is his son's name-
if thou can tell"?

The most astounding consideration Sitchin offers us is that the human race was genetically put together by our Gods, the Nibiruans, also referred to as the Nefilim and the Elohim. Sitchin provides this piece of information for us to ponder: "After Anu, the ruler on Nibiru, returned to Nibiru after visiting Earth, it was Enlil who was summoned topreside over the council of the Great Anunnaki whenever major decisions had to be made".

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So one can only wonder if the Lord of Nibiru will return, and when? Keep in mind that 1 year on Nibiru equals 3,600 years here on Earth. One revolution around the sun for Nibiru is called a Shar. The return is near at hand, and all the cultures on Earth are beginning to feel their own cosmologies being triggered by a deep psychological need to express this event of the coming. The Christians feel the Rapture coming, the Hopi feel their Lost Brother returning, the Mayans feel the return of Quetzalcoatl, and the myth is repeated a thousand times over throughout all the indigenous tribes on Earth. Will Yahweh return once again, and will we see it as a chariot or as another indescribable event? Will people 2000 years from now be as mystified as the Egyptians were when the Golden Disc appeared in the sky?

After the sons Enki and Enlil have proven not to be Yahweh, who then is left to be given the title of Yahweh, the great shining God from on high?

Sitchin describes eloquently, and with simple conviction, who the one true God is. The God of the heavens who made man in his image and the God who Sitchin says..."is the Image of a Cosmic Voyager. It is an image of a universal Lord that is best summed up in the hymnal prayer:

Adon Olam

that is recited as a majestic song in Jewish synagogue services on festivals, on the Sabbath, and on each and every day of the year:.."

Lord of the universe, who has reigned
Ere all that exists had yet been created.
When by His will all things were wrought,
"Sovereign" was His name was then pronounced.

And when, in time, all things shall cease,
He shall still reign in majesty.
He was, He is, He shall remain,
He shall continue gloriously.

Incomparable, unique He is,
No other can His oneness share.
Without beginning, without end.
Dominion's might is His to bear.

All I can say is enjoy this divine cosmic journey. Open your mind, and ponder this for a while: "In our dreams we too are visited by the angels of the Lord."

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