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Four Corners Boundary Dissolving Ceremony Report

The Four Corners Boundary Dissolving Ceremony was a triumph of prophecy over the illusions which bind humanity to its ignorance. By four o'clock in the morning of Crystal Moon 28 (June 26, 1996) several hundred people had already gathered at the entrance to the Four Corners National Monument, just off US highway 160. A few others had been inside the Monument holding an all night vigil.

The Monument itself is just a large square platform showing the four lines made by four different surveyors between 1868 and 1912 commemorating the state boundary lines of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. These surveyors were carrying out mandates to conquer and divide the "non-Christian" Earth that had been set in motion by the Papal Doctrine of Discovery, 40 years before Columbus in 1452.

Rainbow Nation Flags

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At 5 AM, when Navajo Nation Monument Superintendent James Gorman finally opened the gates, he opened the gates on an unprecedented conscious human act to change and repeal the course of history. Instead of the four state flags, as well as those of the United States and Navajo Nations, flying on the flag poles were two Banners of Peace, the flag of the Congress of Biospheric Rights, the flag of the Galactic Shield, and the flag of the Rainbow Nation. It was a new morning. As the sun rose on the spectacular and vast desert region of the Four Corners, more than five hundred people had surrounded the Monument platform.

By five-thirty, four drummers held the four cardinal points of the Monument platform beneath the flags of the galactic liberation front. Native Americans and elders sat on benches immediately around the Monument. Around them an inner circle of humans was joined by four human spokes radiating outward to an outer circle. Receiving the people still arriving. this outer circle extended to the scattering of artisan booths near the monument. Within an hour the outer human circle was totally in place. The solemn heartbeat drumming continued. The Navajo police had withdrawn most of their cars from the immediate Monument area. A spectacular sixties-style tie dye peace banner was being held high on one of the artisan shack's rooftops. A handful of media people used this backdrop for their television cameras. What did their cameras see?

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A vision of humanity gathering and holding the sacred form of the Earth seal of the ancient spirit elders, for the purpose of initiating a return to the sacred ways of the Earth. At precisely seven o'clock, the four drummers were replaced by four conch blowers. As the conch sounds penetrated the desert dawn, the energy of the gathering was released into spirit. "We are peace, we are love, we are one", these were the only words publicly spoken that closed the Ceremony. As the form dissolved, several rainbow nation people were atop the monument singing a spontaneous song of peace. The crowd dissolved in a spirit of quiet joy.

Born of the prophetic vision of the ancient Maya, the Four Corners Ceremony brought together two messengers of that vision, Tony Shearer and José Argüelles. The spontaneously brief, but heartfelt reunion of these two messengers was virtually the only event that occurred during the Ceremony. It was Tony Shearer in 1970, who affirmed for Argüelles the prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells and the prophetic dates of the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987. These prophecies, according to Shearer, had originated in the mysterious Mayan city of Palenque. Argüelles, whose vision of Harmonic Convergence fulfilled the prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, had just completed the final decoding of the prophecy cycle of Palenque, the Telektonon of Pacal Votan. It is this prophecy that contains the message of the return to the natural time of Thirteen Moons, the return as well to the natural boundarylessness of the biosphere.

Officials of the Navajo Nation, which now holds most of the land at Four Corners, were impressed by the nature and order of the Ceremony, and at the fact that the Monument was cleaner after the Ceremony than before. Preparation for the Ceremony had already shaken the bureaucratic lethargy of the Navajo. Once word was received of the intention to hold a Boundary Dissolving Ceremony, strange events had already started to occur. Early in May, 96 year-old Irene Yazzie had been visited by two spirit messengers, "The Monster Slayer Twins," warning the Navajo people about the need to return to traditional ceremony which they have largely forsaken. Then an arson occurred at the Monument artisan shacks.

Meanwhile on Hopi land, surrounded by the much larger Navajo Nation, the elders had called a spiritual emergency kiva ceremony that went on for several weeks just prior to the Boundary Dissolving. During their ceremonial gathering, two Hopi children were mysteriously drowned. Rumors abounded. Had the mysterious Blue Star Kachina returned, a prophecy of the time of the Great Change? Divisions between themselves had brought the Hopi to a desperate place. The Hopi elders acknowledged and sent their blessings to the Boundary Dissolving Ceremony, even though they could not leave their land because of the tensions there. "We are already feeling the effects of your Ceremony," a Hopi spokesman told Argüelles the night before the Ceremony.

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A word-of-mouth informal gathering of several hundred of the Ceremony participants occurred in the small Navajo town of Shiprock, some 30 miles away. Present at this spontaneous post-Ceremony gathering were Fantuzzi, "ceremonial king" of the Rainbow Nation, and representatives from at least seven other countries: Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, and Japan. Into this festive mid-morning gathering, came the Mayor of Shiprock, who was honored to know about the nature and purpose of the Ceremony and the cause of the gathering in his community. At the height of the gathering, World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement Coordinators, Lloydine and José Argüelles, spoke words of inspiration. "This is the Proclamation of the Victory of Universal Peace", they declared. This is the first of the 52 Days of Victory. If anyone asks you where is this peace you are talking about, tell them, "we are peace, and we are bringing peace to your planet".

By noon, heavy thunderclouds had moved into the entire region. Hail was falling near Four Corners. The thunder beings had answered many prayers. By afternoon thunder storms were breaking out everywhere. At Cortez, Colorado, up US Highway 666 from Four Corners, an intense storm was washing away all of history, a least back to 1519. And that's before the Gregorian Calendar. Welcome to Post-history.

"Look around
See the Earth
Look at the Sky
Count the Stars
Feel the Sun
Taste the Rain
Touch your Brother
Know your Sister
Love each other.
Breathe the air
Taste the Water
And eat your food
But remember...
It is a gift
All of this. is a gift
Know it well..."

"You are here to learn...
You will be tested..."

"Learn the science of the Creation
Teach the science "Love of the Creator..."

Song of the Tree, from Tony Shearer, Lord of the Dawn, 1971

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Kin 181 Red Crystal Dragon
Cosmic Turtle Moon Day 12
Third Year of Prophecy
Boundary Dissolving: Thirteen Colonies to Thirteen Moons

The Four Corners Boundary Dissolving Ceremony was the central focus of 13:13 Boundary Dissolving Ceremonies commemorated by hundreds of different synchronized gatherings everywhere on the planet. Seven years ago, in 1989, events in Eastern Europe occurred which led to the dissolution of the Iron Curtain, the taking down of the Berlin Wall, and the end of Communism. Boundary dissolving is the next wave. The boundary dissolving which was initiated with the Four Corners Ceremony is intended to dissolve national and mental boundaries that divide rather than unify. Just as 1989 saw the end of communism, so 1996 will mark the end of the era of the nation-state in its place will rise the great era of bioregional Earth sovereignty.

The Four Corners is a point of political illusion in what is now referred to as the United States of America. Within the United States exist numerous indigenous groups, including the Navajo and Mountain Ute, for instance, who claim the land held by the United States at Four Corners. These indigenous groups can only survive if they imitate the larger force. The Navajo Nation in its official form tends to be a carbon copy of the United States of America. The surveyors who created the illusory boundaries that run heedless of the desert's defiant desolation were players acting out a little drama within the larger movement known as "Manifest Destiny," or "westward the course of empire"!

The roots of this vision which ruthlessly guided the white European across the North American continent are to be found in the 1452 Doctrine of Discovery. Supported and affirmed by the Gregorian Calendar reform of 1582, the calendar which inaugurated the time of colonialism, by 1776 the force generated by the Doctrine of Discovery had congealed into the phenomenon known as the American Revolution. Embedded in the Gregorian Calendar, the principles of the American Revolution catapulted the Thirteen Colonies into the role model for the rest of the peoples of the planet. Within two centuries The United States of America had made the concept of its form of industrial democracy the sole tenable ideal for all peoples of Earth. If you are not a member of an industrial democracy, you belong to either a fascist state or primitive 'developing economy'. The goal of all present policies is to bring the rest of the planet into the nationalist fold of industrial democracy and neo-liberal free market economics.

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Like the boundaries created on paper to create separate states, industrial democracy and neo-liberal free market economics are just catch phrases to mask a great illusion. Eight new McDonald's restaurants open everyday on planet Earth. 3000 new MasterCard access outlets open daily around the world. The new imperialism of corporate monoculture reigns supreme in airline magazines and on Wall Street. It is the bankers who run industrial democracy. I t is the bankers who manipulate the political processes masquerading as industrial democracy. The voting booth is the lure held out by the bankers to keep the people in the illusion that they too have some power. The destructive empty fiction of democracy held together by police enforced borders is at an end.

The Thirteen Colonies began the industrial democratic revolution. The coming of the Thirteen Moons will complete that revolution, initiating a worldwide revolution in time that will transform the world so rapidly, people will wonder why we had to wait so long for it to happen.

The American Revolution of the Thirteen Colonies was a revolution in space locked into the artificial mental 12:60 timing frequency. Like all revolutions in space, the American Revolution represents a devolution of power to the lowest common denominator. This is why democracy is mediocrity. The ultimate reducer of values is the 12:60 timing frequency. This mechanistically accelerating 12:60 timing frequency, now deployed through a GPS satellite system, creates the entropic non-biological space for the exponentially exploding propagation of colonies of machines and their human attendants spread in decentralized units across the terrestrial landscape. All of this mind-numbing technological evolution is foisted on a now dazed and captive humanity expects nothing else but eight new choices on a computerized gadget that will help it keep track of all of its other computer-operated accessories.

Thirteen Moons is the first revolution of time. Its purpose is to free space from false time, thus ending the immoral devolution of power that has abstracted humanity away from its symbiotic cradle, the biosphere. The coming of the Thirteen Moons will release humanity into post-historic, non-governmental, money free bioregionalism. How? Impeach Bill Clinton.

Why? By his executive power Bill Clinton has violated the Constitution of the United States; he has broken the covenant of the original Thirteen Colonies by entering into secret agreement with other heads of state for the formation of a secret world government run by an oligarchy of bankers. This secret world government is known as the G-7. As the de facto head of this ClA-spawned conspiracy to control the planet. Bill Clinton is both violating the US Constitution and fulfilling the final karmic act spawned by the Doctrine of Discovery and maintained by the Gregorian Calendar. The G-7 bankers takeover of world policy is the final illegitimate seizure made possible through the illegitimate usurpation of power assumed by Christian Europeans over the rest of the non-Christian world.

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The Thirteen Colonies were the brilliant offspring of the Doctrine of Discovery. Its every legislative preamble is encoded and enshrined in the Gregorian Calendar. Like it or not, the Thirteen Colonies spawned the American industrial world takeover of planet Earth known as the G-7. The Thirteen Colonies realized the last revolution of space. Devoid of the knowledge of real time and based on the irregular and mechanical knowledge of artificial 12:60 time, the American "time is money" vision of the G-7 is really the last testament of the Tower of Babel.

According to Telektonon, the prophecy of Pacal Votan, the G-7 is the position at the very top of the Tower of Babel at the end of the cycle of false time. The boundary dissolving initiated at Four Corners is the beginning of the dissolution of the foundations of the Tower of Babel. By arousing a popular referendum to impeach Bill Clinton on the basis of his secret agreement with other heads of state in violation of his own Constitution, the nemesis of history will finally be laid to rest. Bill Clinton is not alone. Co-conspirators with Clinton in the G-7 plot are every President since 1974, when Nixon appointed George Bush head of the CIA, which then hatched the G-7 conspiracy for planet economic and political takeover.

Impeach Clinton, impeach the whole system. End the revolution of space devoid of time with the revolution of time which governs space. Don't worry about what this will do to the elections. Forgot the elections. The exposure and fall of Clinton will be the exposure and fall of the G-7. By the time Clinton is impeached (it will be a relief to him to be able to stop living the lie). Al Gore will have the Galactic Culture Master Plan of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement in his hands. He will know what to do. Thirteen Colonies to Thirteen Moons. The first World Peace is a planetary emergency program. No more nation states impeding the process of truth. Only humans bioregionally organized by the laws of time to accomplish natures work to restore the biosphere.

Third Force Home Market Economics: Wall Street Heart Attack, Victory for the Biosphere

New time. New Covenant. Thirteen Moons humanly organized as the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement or its operational form of PAN (Planet Art Network) is the materially transcendent third force predicated by the materialist dialectic of history. The Thirteen Moon third force is the transcendent stream that succeeds the final capitalist-communist materialist dialectic of history. Communism died as a dialectical force in 1989. The G-7 became an overt operation in 1990. Boundary dissolving now renders capitalism dead as a dialectical historic force. In 1997 the PAN will replace the G-7 and assume leadership for humanity as a responsible organism within its biosphere host system. Its emergency peace program, the Galactic Culture Master Program of the First World Peace is already preparing pathways into the New Time.

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The time revolution is a mind shift. War and money are replaced by peace and art; devolution of power is transformed into evolution of spirit, human machine alienation into human Earth domestication. Driving to work in a machine in exchange for money to help pay for the machine will be replaced by home-life: home birth, home school, home learning, home garden, home death. Telepathy will replace the Internet. And it is all realizable within a four-year span known as the First World Peace, the mobilization of humanity on behalf of the telepathic transformation of the biosphere.

The driving force of third-dimensional false time is the belief that time is money. The illusion of money is so great that a preponderant number of humans believe no work can be accomplished without it. How can this belief be returned to the empty source of its illusory status?

As the third force transcending history, the genuinely post-historic motion of humanity into Its ever-evolving future, the covenant of the Thirteen Moons has its own economic policy: Home Market Economics. Home Market Economics is the third force money-free economic policy intended to replace the now prevailing one-sided globalization of neo-liberal free market capitalist monetary politics.

As the expression of the will of the Thirteen Moon Covenant, the First World Peace is based on a creative resolution to the end of money, and a speedy and peaceful entry into the era of time is art. Through the coming Blue Self-Existing Storm Year, PAN diplomatic and strategic communications will prepare the program, compile data-banks and initiate the dialogue necessary to commence the final close-out of money.

By Overtone Seed, July 26, 1997, the present economic apparatus could be subsumed into a comprehensive data base and disbursement system known as the Earth Conversion Trust and Planetary Store. Allocated equally on a zero budget basis over the next Thirteen Moons, the last of the money will finally be disbursed and allocated. Every human would now have what every other human would have: an equal material comfort base with which to explore the newly recovered telepathic faculties due to living in the growing results of the new time. The Tower of Babel will finally be gone. History will end not with a hang but with a shout of joy because we are finally post-historic!

In place of the free spending era of G-7 globalization of consumer goods, will be Home Market Economics. The result of the release of money as an emblem of power in anyway is the Home Market phenomenon. Home Market means that all goods and services are equal in exchange; that barter and equal exchange of different types of goods are the basis of an economic system where the lowest common economic denominator is the home. Economy will naturally revert to the Earth, the support system for our home. Learning, Earth service and art will replace jobs and status; Gardening and telepathic cultivation will replace leisure and mentally distracting activities. An ethical norm expected only of saints will be the common expectation. And it is all home-centered for the restoration of the human family.

Third Force Home Market Economics: Wall Street heart attack, victory for the biosphere!


Pan Art Network Higher Collective Voice White Cosmic Wind, Cosmic Moon 13, White Electric Wizard Year

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