Jose Arguelles

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General Sections

  1. Peace is the Culture of the Biosphere: Sacred Trust, Sacred Time.
  2. Peace, The Biosphere, and the Return of the Sacred Warrior.
  3. Earth ascending: Magnetic Stabilization and the Four Years of the First World Peace.
  4. The First World Peace: The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition, the Manifestation of the Psi Bank and the Advent of the Psychozoic Era
  5. A Scientific Experiment called World Peace
  6. The Magnet of Be-Ness



Prepared by
José Argüelles, Ph.D.
for the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights
Parlamundi, Brasilia Brazil

Solar Moon 11-15
White Electric Wizard Year
"Victory Pacifies"

World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

Section one:

Peace is the Culture of the Biosphere: Sacred Trust, Sacred Time

"We did indeed offer The Trust to the Heavens And the Earth And the Mountains But they refused To undertake it Being afraid thereof: But man undertook it: He was indeed unjust And foolish..."

Holy Qur'an, Sura 33:72-73

AD 1996. Indeed unjust and foolish, as a species, humanity has long since broken its sacred trust. Each day this trust is shattered anew. As a result, of all of the Earth's species, only man is lost. Moving ever faster, expanding everywhere in ever-diminishing circles of awareness, in pursuit of goals devoid of all spiritual value, humanity's leaders are puffed up and conceited enough by their own cleverness to not even consider that they might be lost, totally off the mark, doomed to certain destruction. The virtual reality of the machine gains power as man becomes reduced to all but machine-made life options. This condition spells spiritual death. Yet, who is there willing or even capable of addressing the fact of humanity's spiritual death, and who is there, if they could hear this message, that would not only listen, but change direction?

Only a return to a universal spirituality can cure humanity of its disease, and renew once again a proper sense of direction. And what is that direction, if not absolute universal, creative peace?

It is not only humanity whose future is now jeopardized, but that of the biosphere itself.

The biosphere--the heavens, mountains and Earth who refused the trust which man accepted--is the fragile, interconnected dynamic support system without which there would be no life on Earth. Only by returning to true peace, will humanity survive. Yet, so far has humanity removed itself from its sacred trust, that even the true meaning of peace seems no more than a matter of conjecture and dispute. Nonetheless, there is one historic precedent which gives a definition and a direction for living peace, the Roerich Peace Pact (1935).

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The Roerich Peace Pact is the only human peace treaty recognized by the biosphere. Why? The Roerich Peace Pact is founded on the principle of reverence for culture. Peace is the culture of the biosphere. True, creative, enduring peace is reverence for culture and not a militarily imposed form of self-preservation or dominance. The suggestion that a militarily imposed peace-keeping is peace, is a statement of the ultimate degradation of human values. The rest of the biosphere is at peace. Only man is at war with himself and the biosphere.

The time has come for the restoration of universal peace to the biosphere as a planetary whole, as it was before man broke the sacred trust, deviated from the biospheric norm and began to follow his own cyclically irregular, mechanistic course. The human condition and its methods of operation are no longer tolerable to the preservation of the universal peace of the biosphere.

Culture is the light of the biosphere. Culture is the sum of what and how each species functions within its biological cycle. The culture of ants and bees leave manifest traces. The culture of dolphins and whales is an invisible network of telepathy. Trees and flowers form their own communities, as do serpents and scorpions. It is the preservation of each species culture, as well as the pressure each species exerts upon all other species that creates the mystic meaning of nature known as the biospheric norm. Only the human species, abandoning its innate culture for an irregular and mechanistic distortion of its life-cycle violates the biospheric norm. The abandonment of the innate culture is called war.

The human abandonment of the biospheric norm and deviation from the biological cycle was brought about by the unconscious creation of the 12:60 timing frequency. All species within the biosphere are obedient to a single timing frequency by which the biological cycles are gauged. Only humans, endowed with self-reflective powers and free will, could have created a false norm: an abstract twelve-month calendar whose irregular measure corresponds to no natural cycle, and the mechanical clock whose 60-minute hour is also nothing but a mental abstraction.

The cumulative violation of the biospheric norm has resulted in the creation of the technosphere, the artificial planetary envelope which encases humans and the biosphere within the merciless entropic order of machine time. Within the technosphere, all humans are mentally and physically bound to the institutionalized forms of the 12:60 timing frequency. Environmentally, their machine-driven behavior contributes to an unprecedented condition of "biogeochemical combustion." The violation of the biospheric norm constitutes a total breaking of the sacred trust which humanity originally shared with all creatures of the biospheric web. The broken trust has engendered a species-wide syndrome of biospherically unethical and criminal behavior.

Return to:| Top | Being the only species with self-reflective power of thought and action, the humans have abused their uniqueness to create a biospherically destructive, technological aberration of itself. As a consequence, humanity has now virtually replaced its innate biological culture with a system of war in which humans are pitched in materialistic competition with other humans, driven by a belief that their uniqueness constitutes their superiority over nature. This is a fatal fallacy. In the presumption of superiority, humanity has, in practice, abandoned any higher guiding criterion for evaluating its own collective behavior. The continuous creation of and reliance upon complexly defined and arbitrary human laws only compounds the error of human deviation from the biospheric norm, placing humanity farther and farther afield from the biospheric norm, while at the same time creating ever greater threat to the continuity of the biosphere itself.

What could be done if all human self-reflective intelligence could be channeled artistically to the attainment of a morally correct, biospheric organism whose spiritual power could finally evolve all of the biosphere to its next stage of evolution, planetary spiritual unification? In the answer to this question lies the spiritual basis of the ecology movement. Something of this intuition was present 26 years ago, when the vision of the whole Earth viewed from space catalyzed the sensibility that became known as the ecology movement. Catch phrases such as "Back to the Earth," "return to nature," or "in wilderness is our preservation," all speak of the early inspiration behind the ecology movement.

Scape-goated, splintered into a wide-range of different groups with different interests or concerns, the ecology movement today lacks a unifying and common vision. The biosphere is the vision and ideology to unify the ecology movement. The biosphere is sacred in its wholeness, and in all truth, is the living manifestation of the divine plan. Our moral commitment to unify as a species on behalf of the renewal and regeneration of the biosphere is the ultimate goal of the ecology movement.

This profoundly spiritual goal is the basis and purpose of the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights. Recognizing the precedent of the Roerich Peace pact (1935) as the basis for reclaiming membership in the biosphere as the sacred cradle of all culture and life, the Congress of Biospheric Rights now affirms the inseparability of the intent and purpose of the Roerich Peace Pact and the restoration of the biosphere. By returning to sacred time, humanity will restore its sacred trust.

The enactment of the new Covenant of Biospheric Rights and the pragmatic replacement of the erroneous calendar with the biologically accurate Thirteen Moon Calendar will put an end to war and reestablish humanity within the spiritual parameters of the biospheric norm. Peace will be recognized as the culture of the autonomous human within the biospheric whole. Finally utilizing the collective self-reflective power of the species in the correct artistic way, humanity will transcend its self-created limitations, and from within the measure and proportion of the biospheric norm, will achieve wonders of a monumental and planetary order of creation.

"There is not an animal That lives on the Earth, Nor a being that flies On its wings, but forms Part of Communities like you Nothing have we omitted From the Book, and they all Shall be gathered to their Lord In the End."

Holy Qur'an, Sura 6:38

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