Ring of Captain Van Flight

Ring of Captain Van Flight Ring of Captain Van Flight

Captain Van Flight is in charge of piloting a very large interstellar space craft named the Ether Ship. The space craft comes from the planet Etherea located on the other side of the known universe. The race of people living on Etherea developed a high civilization through the control of the magnetic fields deep within their home planet. Over time the understanding of magnetics has allowed this race of people to survive for many thousands of years.

The ring Captain Flight wears is a smaller replica of how his own planet uses magnetics to control all functions within the planet as well as maintaining a life form completely regulated by magnetic fields. The ring is constructed with two magnets set in a rock found naturally on his home planet that generates magnetic fields so powerful that he can use them to guide and power his own interstellar space craft. Set deep inside the ring is housed all the records of his civilization, which can be accessed by simply moving the ring in various directions. The ring also has imbedded within its core a crystal guidance system that is calibrated to all the star systems recorded by all the previous Etherean interstellar journeys across the universe.

The ring functions like a tonal generator and can elicit different frequencies based on a geometric grid structure which can connect all the stars which were previously plotted to form a complex geometric grid that can elicit sounds to determine the ships exact location any where in the universe. The system is called a tonal star navigation system.


By projecting the star systems using a holographic display and laser lights the Captain can plot his course by listening to the star frequency signatures of the various star systems. The ship glides through magnetic tunnels which connects all matter in interstellar space. The tunnels are filled with etheric force fields that enables the Ethereans to travel thoughout the universe and is why Captain Van Flight's ship is named the Ether Ship.The race of people from Etherea are called Ethereans because they developed their race to such a high level that they could travel within these tubular etheric fields that connected all matter in the universe.

Recently the Ether Ship conducted a mission to a section of the universe where the planet earth is located. It was this visit to the milky way galaxy where Captain Van Flight discovered a new form of magnetic energy that disabled his ship for many years. Only by a strong gamma ray burst located in the local galaxy was his ship able to be reactivated. This discovery of another magnetic force field in the universe would be the beginning of how two interstellar civilizations reached new levels of achievement and ultimately how they had to find a way to communicate with one another across the universe without fear that one would destroy the other. Two civilizations, one from Earth and the other from Etherea, were about to find out about one another. What happens as a result of this encounter is the story behind the Ether Ship.

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